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VG vs PG! whats the difference? and whats good for me?

Different types of vaping perform better with different ratios of eliquid. here at TMC we offer different ratios of ejuices to suit every individual need.

The difference:

VG (Vegetable Glycerine).
Have you seen fellow vapers blowing huge plooms of vapour? That's because they are using a high VG based solution.
Sweeter. VG can make your flavours a little harder to detect. As VG on its own has a slight sweet taste, naturally making you ejuice sweeter as well.
Thicker. Compared to PG vegetable glycerine is a considerably thicker solution. it has a much slower absorption rate. This means vegetable glycerine performs worse in smaller lower powered devices.
Less throat hit. VG delivers a much smoother sensation on the throat.
Allergy risk. VG tends to be much less allergenic than PG which leads a lot of vapers experience negative effects from PG to switch to heavier VG ratios.

PG (Propylene Glycol)
This is considered to be the more popular of the 2 with a more flavour based function.
No flavour effect. PG is a flavourless and odourless liquid so it wont alter the flavour of your ejuice.
Stronger throat hit. Propylene Glycol will produce a stronger throat hit, similar to cigarette sensation.
Thinner consistency. Due to the fact PG has a runny consistency it is easily absorbed in cartomizers and wick tanks.
Allergy Risk. PG has been know to cause some allergic reactions in some e-cig users. if you experience any negative reactions vaping a PG heavy liquid we recommend swapping it out for a maximum VG blend.


The Comparison:



Our experience in this industry have lead us too believe that higher PG mixes perform better in thinner more low powered device and VG mixes perform better in larger high powered tanks and devices.

If you have any questions in regards to what we think will be best for you please feel free to use our contact form on our Contact Us page.

Keep it cloudy vapers!