is live and shipping to Australia! 100mg Freebase 100mg Freebase offers a  line of unflavored nicotine base solutions in a variety of concentrations, but our 100mg liquid nicotine extract is perhaps our most popular by far. Naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves and laboratory verified for purity, our 100mg liquid nicotine is pure, clean, and tasteless.

  • We ensure that all products exceed USP compliance standards.

  • A batch number is assigned to all nicotine products.

  • Our 100mg nicotine concentrates must be diluted before use.

With a dedicated focus to quality, uniformity, and safety, sources specifically manufactured 100mg nicotine liquid to produce the smoothest possible throat hit without muting the flavorings of your E-juice recipes. 

Whether you are a DIY e-liquid enthusiast or a vendor, retailer, or manufacturer, our premium 100mg nicotine liquid is simply unmatched. What sets us apart from all the rest is that our liquid nicotine solutions undergo a grueling manufacturing and testing process before we allow them to be shipped to your doorstep. Here is an outline of the processes our nicotine solutions undergo. 

For customers purchasing our 100mg nicotine solution, we recommend storing our products in a secure refrigerator or freezer, and out of reach of small children and pets.  

Liquid nicotine is typically clear or a very faint straw colour, but will become yellow with age and exposure to heat / sunlight. Slight discolouration over time is normal and nothing to worry about.

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